Bunny Birthday Party Highlights

This sign was the product of The Good Doctor and our design-gifted out of town guest Jan. I'm good at manual labor only. I can cut, fold, glue. But spacing and printing and moving margins around--that's not my bag baby. Thankfully I have outsourcing options. 

The circles were inspired by paper rosettes we saw at Paper Source. Each one is made of three pieces of construction paper that came in a huge pad from Michaels.

Found a super cute silicone bunny mold and made Jello bunnies. Easy peasy -- just follow the Jello directions for the jigglers (less water and no ice) and pour into molds. Chill and voila, jiggly bunnies.

Signage makes everything seem more special. Although we joked about making super literal tags for everything: "crackers in a bag," "small bunny shaped Jello pieces," "small cupcakes from a box mix," "party favors for children." It would have been like a party for English language learners.

Now I understand why people put favors in bags. It takes .8 seconds versus 2 minutes to wrap a book. My only solace is that kids like unwrapping stuff so hopefully they appreciated this labor of love.

Rainbow fruit skewers. Pretty, but never again. Way too much labor. Next time we'll do the fruit rainbow on a platter and people can just scoop up what they want and I don't have to deal with skewers or wasted fruit.

Again with the formatting and proper spacing of letters to dress up the Costco carrot cake.

Nicely held up by our ninja bunnies! They were just regular bunnies until The Good Doctor realized we'd need another string to hold up the letters so they became all Karate Kid.

Thanks Uncle Mike for this pic of the bday girl surrounded by her pals. All in all, a hoppy birthday indeed.



Memo to Emmy: 60 Months

You're 5! You're 5 FIVE cinco HIGH 5 FIVE!!!!!

We offered you the choice of a bunny party or a tea party. You chose wisely.

Let's also say that we didn't throw you a 3rd birthday party and your 4th bday was a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium so we felt liek we could do a little something special for your golden birthday. 

Although had we known it was your golden birthday we would have maybe done a crazy golden theme so it's good we didn't realize it until after we'd already booked the bunny lady and committed to the fuzzball theme.

We went a little lot crazy on this one in terms of the prep work. It was quite a few nights of cutting, pasting, printing, constructing, molding, hanging, arranging, creating, gluing, stuffing, wrapping, tying, pouring, moving, labeling, choosing, fonting, and being exhausted. 

I would not recommend anyone take this on themselves. That's why there are professionals and those professionals are damn good. But we never met a challenge in the form of a child's Pinterest worthy party that we didn't want to conquer. ] 

Which reminds me of these hilarious sites where people try to recreate what they see online, only to fail miserably. I just love how they label their photos with "nailed it" which also happens to be one of my favorite phrases because its so gleefully self glorifying. Like who says that about themselves after they do something well? Gleeful self glorifiers, that's who. 

However, turning our home into a party sweat shop was totally worth it for some of these fantastic pictures of your perfect sweet face enjoying the bun balls. And because you're really the best 5 year old we could ask for. You're pretty awesomely helpful these days and kind and as your teachers put it, "bright" and "tender." You're sensitive and inquisitive and so genuinely nice. You don't have any frenemies and you get along with your schoolmates. Every once in a while you give Odessa a small kicknudge to the belly to remind her who's boss but you're mostly a very gracious big sister.

I call this bunny "Emo Bun." Wicked eyeliner bruh.

We could've made Odessa a sweater from this Angora.

We were pretty proud of this homemade punch box--and the many other ideas we got from this blog post about a bunny party. It's like the latest in alternative pinatas. Who doesn't love to punch something and then grab a prize? I wish I could do it every day.


I love this image from our friend Matt. Somehow he and Jan flew in from New York with a toddler and a 4 month old and completely helped us pull off this whole party with all the last minute preps. Like placing chocolate hazelnut carrots in a Calico Critter trainset. Don't ask. It will be in the video that I need to get around to editing.

Happy happy 5th birthday, Golden Girl. 




Memo to Dessy: 25.75 Months

Oh Dess-dess,

Since I last wrote about you, you've already changed gobs. You used to not be able to say the "s" sound when it was in front of a consonant. Spoon became 'poon, smile became 'mile, stop it became 'top it. But my favorite was when I starting talking about your cute little calf muscles, calling them "sports calves." You would parrot me and say, "'Ports cabs!"

But that was 24 month old Odessa. Now at the ripe age of 25.75 months, your pronunciation has already changed and you no longer saying 'tar for star and 'mooth for smooth and 'qurrel (which was virtually impossible to interpret but I'm your mom and I'm awesome) for squirrel.

You have this uncanny ability of repeating exactly the thing I said that I wouldn't want you to repeat. Luckily no swear words but you are the exact opposite of Emmy in this regard. Where she would pick up on any sort of negativity or verboten thing and steer clear, you hear the most random edgy things and gleefully shout them out. Examples include: when I hear something crazy and I say, "Oh my God!" You follow up with "OH MY GODDDDD." Or when I said something about Daddy being busted, you said "Daddy, BUSTED!!!" I shake my head to think what's coming.

You're counting to 29 pretty well with only a few mix ups in the teens. The big finish is always, "twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty niiiiine....eleven!" If I ever start a band, I'm calling it 29-11.  

What a fun time you had in Maui--building castles and getting a sandy bottom on the beach. You were done with the flight there about 30 minutes in but somehow we made it through the next 6 hours. 


Your vocabulary in English and Vietnamese is growing. You surprise Asian Grandma all the time with your recall of the Vietnamese words for watermeon and bellybutton. 

If you decide you're unwilling to comply with something, usually something extremely difficult that we've asked of you, like to wave, or smile, you say, "Nnnnoh! I DON'T. I DON'T." while you wave your little hands around like a dictator at the podium.

That level of cuteness is so dangerous. 

You're really listening into our conversations, interrupting Daddy and me all the time to say, "WHO Mommy? WHO?" when you hear me talking about someone. We just make up names and it seems to appease you. "Burt Reynolds, Odessa. Burt Reynolds." Then you go back to whatever you were attempting to do, usually something with your blankie or something that you refuse to let Emmy partake in as you wave your hands saying, "Mines! No Emmy. Mines!!" 

You're so curious now and totally Daddy's little buddy just like Emmy was at this. "Daddy's coming to geeeehhhht me!!" is your favorite thing to squeal before you run off to hide under my sheets. Breathing in the air under our covers with my face two inches from yours while you look all 'round waiting for Daddy to get you is one of my happiest moments. 

You're now also wearing underpants during the day! We are getting you ready for preschool and "being a big girl" and two weeks ago we started going for it--no diapers during your waking hours. So far, pretty impressive. Only a few accidents in the beginning but now you're consistent and such a champ. We've only said, "Odessa, you don't pee in your underwear. You pee in the toilet, OK?" 950 times to you. I think it's working.

You love to command us to speak "louda, loudah!" when we whisper to you in the morning. You're just such a little imp, always favoring Asian Grandma and wanting to her to "Look Gramma, look" at whatever you're doing.

You're so tall and already 29 pounds. A giantess for your age and already almost growing directly into Emmy's clothes. You eat well, you laugh a lot, and you entertain constantly. We love you more each day.




Odessa Turns 2!

This is only about a month and a half late. I recall people saying something about how second children have fewer photos and fanfare about their milestones... 

Since Odessa is a Gymboree addict--we decided to celebrate at her favorite place. Highly recommend these off-site birthday parties. It's no fuss no muss. Send out an evite, show up with cake and food, shoot video, bounce out. 

The party was a big hit--kids seemed to have a bunch of fun and Odessa enjoyed herself in her happy place. The Amelie bangs were a tad too short but I got a little carried away with the bang trim. But if anyone can pull off that haircut--it's this birthday girl. 


Maui 2014

Back from a pretty ridiculously fun trip to paradise. Except when you travel with kids, it's like a lot teensy bit less relaxing than when I was last in Maui and Emmy was still in my belly and Odessa was still a speck in the air.

But one of the secrets to a fun family vacation is to do a family vacation with other families that are like-minded and with kids simpatico with yours. This solves a few dilemmas. First, you have some built-in playpals so that you don't have to play 'pretend animals' for the one million and seventh time. Second, you have other people to chat with and share the kid chores with. Because there will be kid chores. Namely, feeding and napping and cleaning up. Third, you get to stay in a house and split the costs of some nice digs with a kitchen, which is also a necessity when traveling with children. Which is synonymous with cooking for children. I know--this makes you want to just go out and grab some kids to take on your next trip, doesn't it?

Traveling takes a very different pace with little ones--particularly when it comes to the preparation for the plane (BTW, we saw a 7-ish year old kid with this rainbow loom thing and he was making a bracelet for the captain--a must get for our next flight) because you have to have a million snacks and activities but you also have to make sure your luggage doesn't weigh 600 pounds. The pacing of the trip is totally different too. No snorkeling this time, or major hikes--more of a resort and beach and dare I say retail therapy type trip. As I said to The Good Doctor, the sales tax in Hawaii is only 4%! Add that to the markdowns on things we just don't have on 'da mainland and suddenly I'm toting home some sweet new clothing items for the family. It's a weakness of mine. I've never met an additional 40% sale items discount at the Gap that I could walk away from. Davis, Maui, when the Gap says it's an additional 40% off, I'm putty. Don't get me started on the factory outlet stores. It reminded me of the Orlando Premium Outlets all over again. Memories.

I digress. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip. 

The Good Doctor decided to do Movember, in February. He was inspired by Felipe, whose beard is now also a close personal friend. He got so obsessed he even sent me google images and articles about million dollar beards. I mean, don't get me wrong, if my husband could get a milli for his beard, I'm all ears. I'd grow one myself.

In any case, TGD couldn't stand having so much manliness on his face, so he decided to shave it, in stages, during our Maui trip. This, and the handlebar day, were the only times I was somewhat not ashamed to be walking alongside him with my children. I even allowed myself to make occasional eye contact with strangers. Most other days, I kept a low profile and a slight distance that he may or may not have noticed. Particularly as the progression of the beard went to goatie with mutton chops, mustache, and tiny mustache with tiny soul patch. Don't even imagine it. Clear your brain of the image! I'm sorry I even introduced it. 

To my surprise, the handlebars had a bit of a "Sons of Anarchy" feel. It was bearable for 24 hours. But as a friend correctly pointed out: the haircut did not match the facial hair. He was right. This was business on top, party on the bottom.

Speaking of bottoms. Some of the cutest sandy bottoms belong to people I know. Personally.

I was so happy I got this shot. Scorpion tail braid!

My only regret on this trip-- I should have bought a GoPro and waterproof case because I was always one stumble away from jacking up my camera, and for those who have seen me walk, it's pretty miraculous Stumbelina came back with these photos. Alooooohhhhhha.