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Stephen Curry and Emma

This summer I signed my daughter up for a Warriors basketball camp with her friend Emma. They had tons of fun, worked on their bball skills, the week ended. Then a couple weeks ago I get an email with the subject line “Your Daughter Has Been Selected to Participate in Stephen Curry's All-Girls Camp”

I’m in the car with the whole family for our Costco run and I start reading it out loud as The Good Doctor is driving.

Me: “Congratulations! Your daughter has been selected to participate in the first ever all-girls camp presented by Stephen Curry."

The Good Doctor: "Hmm. OK."

Me, reading faster because this is shaping up to be epic: "This FREE 2-day camp will give participants the opportunity to spend time on the court and learn from the two-time MVP and three-time NBA Champion.”

The Good Doctor: "Wait, what, free?"

Emmy from the back seat: "That sounds cool."

Me: "The session is invite-only…”     

Just as we’re getting out of our minds pumped about this email (but also slightly skeptical because it seems too good to be true) I read further down… and the invite is for Emma.

Not Emmy.

Just Emma.

Record scratch.

Turns out, the email was sent to me because I signed up both girls under my account to expedite the whole registration process.

At this moment, as a parent, you gotta pivot pivot pivot. I turn around to tell Emmy it’s actually an email for Emma, and it’s because “Emma practices a lot, she plays a lot, and you remember how she also went to another basketball camp and she went last summer too? This is SO cool for Emma, I’m so proud of her for getting this opportunity!”

Plus, she can actually make a free throw and she scored points during the camp scrimmages. This was definitely an awesome experience and it was selective.

I’m side-eyeing The Good Doctor like #DamageControlAlert

He's looking at me like #ThreatLevelOrange

In retrospect, I’m sure we were more crestfallen than she was. She took it in stride. The Good Doctor, a lifelong Warriors fan before they were this current super bionic dynasty team, needed a little more pep in his step after finding out he wouldn't be driving the carpool for this camp. 

I forwarded the email to Emma’s mom, like, “Dude, EMMA MUST DO THIS!”

Turns out they were going to be in Southern California during the camp and Emma couldn’t go.

Second record scratch.

Her mom told me it was such random timing because Emma was just saying how much she’d like to meet Steph for her birthday and her mom was like, “Yeah…how ’bout some squishies instead?”

But now, it was LEGIT REAL. A surprise basketball camp!!! Led by Stephen Curry. For FREE.

They ended up doing what parents do—they made it work. They adapted their family vacation for this special experience for Emma and I just love how it all turned out.

We used it as a lesson for Emmy about hard work and practicing to be good at something and how life sometimes surprises you with these opportunities.

Emma learned her perseverance resulted in an incredible experience with one of her favorite Golden State Warriors. And she had a blast!

Tons of girls at the camp, Stephen was there for hours showing them drills and playing the sport he’s worked so hard to excel in. The team brought their three championship Larry O’Brien trophies for the girls to see. Plus Emma got two high fives with #30. (And her mom got one.) All around such a win!






Emmy had to bring an item to school today that starts with "K." At last check, we don't have a kangaroo or koala.

Kindling seems unkid-friendly. We don't own a Kindle. Not that I would send that to class with a pre-schooler.
Then I think of other k things we don't own. Kiln, kleptomaniac, kelp.
Emmy's suggestion is to bring her giraffe named Katie. 

Now, I may be a lot of things but desperate is not one of them. I'm all for creative problem solving, however, let's not kut korners by bringing a giraffe on K day. 

So I'm racking my brain at breakfast (the racks are pretty empty at that hour in the morning) and Asian Grandpa goes, "Kumquat!"

And before I can say, "And where, pray tell, can we get one of those in the next 5 minutes?" Asian Grandma goes, "Oh yes! We can get one from our tree!"

We have a tree?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Apparently we do. In the backyard. Clearly not my domain. 

Voila, Emmy gets a beautiful freshly cut kumquat to bring to class for K day. 

Meanwhile, Odessa, keenly listening to the conversation while drinking her morning thermos of warmed milk, says, "Kitty!" 

I swear that kid is crazy smart. Never underestimate those little toddler brains. Or the feebleness of my brain. Kitty. Come on Vicky. Kkkkkkitty. No doy! 

But hey, then Emmy would have brought a boring kitty to class instead of this:

Asian Grandparents save the day. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Emmy was charged with bringing 17 signed, but unaddressed valentines to her fellow preschoolers.

The Good Doctor says she was bent over concentrating on these for the better part of half an hour. Which is basically 30 minutes but half an hour sounds more dutiful.

I couldn't believe she wrote her whole name 20 times (3 extra for her teachers.)

She also drew happy faces in the hearts randomly. 

Hope your Valentine's day is also filled with random love and eyelashed hearts.



While I was washing dishes and The Good Doctor was keeping Odessa from climbing the stairs for the 47 millionth time, Emmy piped up from her coloring table:

"We need four people."

Me: "What Emmy?"

Emmy: "We need four people. Someone to cook. That can be [Asian] Grandma. Someone to watch Odessa. Someone to give Romeo his shot. And someone to play with me!"


Things I'm Shocked My Toddler Hasn't Said

Emmy repeats all sorts of things we say, but for some reason, she is a savant when it comes to not repeating inappropriate language. I have cut way back on my trucker mouth but things still slide in here and there and I am so, so lucky Emmy picks up on these verbal cues and self-filters. It's remarkable. She has an uncanny way of noting what we say that kids shouldn't. And she doesn't. 

I'm waiting until the day she shows up in kindergarten and someone doesn't hand over the blocks when she asks nicely. She has a well stocked potty vernacular.

1. Douche

2. Douche face

3. Ass face

4. The F word

5. The S word

6. Balls (in context)

7. Shut it

8. Damn

9. Nutso

10. Are you EFFING kidding me?

11. Total biatch

12. This is bull

13. Oh snap

14. Motherfather

15. I am so pissed right now

Did I say I've cut back on my trucker mouth? Apparently I haven't left the truck stop as far behind as I thought....#workingonthat