Things You Hate to Hear as a Reporter

"No, I don't have the exact address but it's near X Street and the old Wienerschnitzel. YOU CAN'T MISS IT."

"Can you swing by and pick up a vosot after you shoot this package? It's across the Bay and it starts in about 10 minutes."

"We're changing your story. Oh, you got great elements for a package? Can you make it a vosot for the morning show and then go to this school board meeting instead? We heard there's going to be a HUGE protest out front."

"Can your photog cable up to the 5th floor to get us a live picture?"

"When are you going to post this to the web?"

"Channel 5 got the victim's mother. Yeah. We don't know what her name is or where she lives but try to get her too."

"We're gonna need you to drive and meet your photog. He's in Antioch. But first, come to San Jose to get some file video."

"My bad, it's not until next Tuesday."

"Can you get some 'people' sound?"