How I Met Your Father Part 2

So after months of not talking...I'm suddenly on the phone with him.

And he's MISTER Chatty McChattingtons.  All friendly and cordial and how are you this fine day? It was like he didn't just shatter those pointy heels but he also cracked his fool head open and forgot about our two VERY AWKWARD conversations just a few months ago. I'm like, Who the... What the... OH NO YOU DI'IINT!

That was my brain talking. But my teenage fast pumping valley girl heart was all, Like oh my God! Cute boy you had a crush on last summer TOTALLY just called you and you are like TOTALLY on the phone with him right now Oh. My. God!

I'm standing in the kitchen all breathless about getting called by this boy who was a douchebag to me not once, but TWICE before, and what do I do? Do I exert my mighty Girl Power and go roaring into him and say, DUDE! Why were you so totally rude to me when I called you before? OR maybe I give him the same treatment and get all one word answer on his ass. OR, do I just blow him off and hang up?

None of the above. No. I just get all weak in the knees and sit down with my giant Uniden cordless phone and twirl my hair and chat with him about whatever it was teenagers talk about. Nothing. But the conversation lasted about as long as a conversation SHOULD last, and he was reminding me why I liked him in the first place. Charming, clever boy.

It ends with us planning to hang out again that summer, starting THAT evening, with an invite to his best friend's house. Where we would eat Keebler Fudge Stripes and drink Dr. Skipper and watch Leprechaun 2.

The classic mix tape below is the first one he ever made me. Remember those? MIX TAPES?! Where you had to push "Record" and "Play" at the same time and hope that you started recording the song off the radio after DJ stopped talking?! Sigh. This is one of the byproducts of this teenybopper crush turned love of my life Hallmark Channel made for TV movie.  Just found it after Asian Grandma brought over a bunch of my stuff that she's tired of hauling around.

Looking at that handwriting now, I see he was destined to become a doctor. Which I *totally knew* was going to happen when he was 15. Which is why I married him. It all comes full circle with Part 1, doesn't it?