Things Men Need Not Be Good At

1.  Shopping.

2.  Choosing their own clothes.

3.  Manscaping. There are people for that.

4.  Singing. Although no one complains when getting serenaded by Seal, right Klum? RIGHT? Right. 

5.  Knowing the names of designers.

6.  Being picky. 

7.  Getting tattoos.

8.  Having an opinion when it comes to colors, patterns, jewelry, or fashion. Or what we should have for dinner. Because when I ask, it's just a courtesy question. Your input, well, it's only slowing things down.

9.  Braiding hair.

10.  Watching TV.

11.  Practicing organized religion.

12.  Planning a wedding.

13.  Listing their significant other's personality flaws with great zest and authority. Because that's just so douche-y.

14.  Believing they have the answers to everything. Know It Alls are not sexy.

15.  Talking too much. A Chatty Kathy is bad enough. Garrulous Glenn is even worse. They make those International Man of Mystery commercials for a reason.

16.  Hobbies that require lots of garage space and glue and batteries and engines and repeated trips to the hobby shop.

17.  Making conversation with strangers in random situations when it's so not necessary and only confuses them and causes them to look at me like WTF is your man talking about?

18.  Obeying orders. Obedience is not attractive. 

19.  Being indecisive. Analysis=Paralysis! Learned that from a very decisive Men's Wearhouse salesman.

20.  Gossiping. That is just not manly. At all.