Things I'm Sorry About

1. Being such a raging jealous biaaatch in high school. Good Lord. I even called a girl (she was a very pretty Marvin), and went bananas on her for talking, yes, TALKING, to The Good Doctor. Who the hell does that??? High School Vicky, that's who.

2. Not being a more thoughtful person.

3. Taking sides in a situation too quickly sometimes.

4. Telling my mom I hated her when I was 13.

5. The whole year I was 13.

6. Interviewing people for a news story and then not putting them on TV because they were horrible. I always feel bad about that.

7. Not complimenting strangers when I notice something that should be complimented.

8. Not speaking my mind when people say ridiculous things, then subjecting The Good Doctor to my scenario do-overs. "And then I would've said THIS...and then I would've said THAT."

9. Believing my dad would do things the right way.

10.  Gossiping and talking way too much smack ABOUT people. I'm trying to be more direct and bring the smack talk TO the people now. I've noticed that cuts the smackage down to what is fundamentally true and needs to be said.

11.  Giving a B- to a student in my first TV reporting course. She was one of the smartest in the class but she never made up for missing 6 hours of class, and she never asked about extra credit.

12.  Saying things and then realizing they came out all wrong.

13.  Taking too long to talk to really talk to my mom and let her know all the ways she's inspired me.

14.  Interrupting too often.

15.  Being judgmental.

16.  Not letting The Good Doctor sleep more. I have so much more fun when he's awake.

17.  Eating too much fried food.

18.  Allowing my impatience to get the better of me.

19.  Flying through life too quickly.

20.  Seeing people for who I want them to be, instead of who they are.