Hippie Pumpkin

So this weekend, Sunday to be exact, The Good Doctor and I look at each other after running 3 of the 700 or so errands we need to get done, and go, "Hey, Halloween is next weekend huh?"  "$^*&! When are we going to the pumpkin patch?"

I was the one who said $^*&. Because this is Emmy's FIRST Halloween! What the hell are we doing trying to buy furniture or pick up groceries or purchase life saving medicines when Emmy's FIRST Halloween is coming up? What kind of unfit parents don't take their Brand New Baby to a pumpkin patch to get those cute photos of the baby sitting in a sea of orangey gourdness. Well, not us! The hell we aren't having our baby miss her FIRST Halloween pumpkin patch experience.

ERRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTT. The sound of my Prius brakes screeching to a halt.

The Good Doctor: "I know there's a pumpkin patch off Lawrence Expressway."

Me: "Watch out. I'm flipping a U-ey"

So we pull into the gravel lot of this makeshift Pumpkin Patch O Rama, park next to the Porta-Potties, and we're feeling pritttty darn good that we've been switched back into the category of "Fit Parents."

Nevermind the 65 Indian kids that seemed to be in the background of every single pumpkin picture, because besides Asian parents, Indian parents are the most annoying people to be equipped with cameras. And technically they're Asian, so it's all relative.

As far as pumpkin patches go, it was a little on the ga-hetto side. We were basically in dusty lot next to a very busy intersection, gas fumes wafting through the chain link fence. And it was noisy. The sound of traffic mixing with the sound of Indian parents commanding their children to come sit on this pumpkin Parvati!

Let's just say it had more of a 'city' feel to it.

But hey, we got Emmy's pictures, and her pumpkin, all for $7 bucks. FIRST Halloween task completed. Not pretty, but we got it done. Our parent motto. Vicky and The Good Doctor: Not pretty but they get it done.