Sleeping Beauty

An update on the sleep situation. You may recall, at 6 months, The Good Doctor and I kicked Emmy to the curb. By 'kick' and 'curb,' I mean we gently placed her into her own walk-in closet sized room. We took the paci away cold turkey and also put a stop to the nighttime feedings. Upon hearing the news of these, admittedly, abrupt changes, an anchor I work with spent 3 days telling me I was the Meanest Mommy Ever. Each time she would walk by my desk, she would mouth, "Meanie!" and "You're so mean!" and "MEAN MEAN MEAN." Emmy would have been proud to have such a fierce advocate.

But I will say this: after the first 5 nights of WHISPERING back and forth, I am the Meanest but Most Well Rested Mommy Ever. Well, except for the still getting up at 7am to feed Emmy part. But I am so not complaining. This baby is totally badass. She was none too happy about the removal of the pacifier device. And the first cold nights in her tiny room were probably pretty sucky. But she adjusted pretty quickly, as The Book said she would, and GD it, that baby is the love of my life now. 

She generally wakes up right around 7am, takes 2 or 3 naps a day, then goes down for the count by 8pm at the latest. For the first couple weeks she would still stir around 3am and sometimes 5am, but now she powers through the night. But in the second week of this new routine, both The Good Doctor and I had dreams that the other parent had given Emmy a paci and we both woke up mad at each other like, "WTF, why would you give her a pacifier?" Yeah, we take this parenting shiz so seriously it's in our subconscious, man.

Emmy is a roly poly bug of a sleeper. 30% of the time she ends up rotated 180 degrees from how she started. The other 70% of the time she scootches and scootches until her head is wedged into the corner of the crib. And then she wakes up all discombobulated, like, "What the? Who the? I did not approve of this sleep position."

But other than Emmy developing a corner-shaped head, we have overcome the sleep challenges for now. Thank you Emmy. Your Meanest Mommy Ever loves you very much for giving her back some beauty rest. 'Cause lord knows she can use every last wink.