This Shiz is Bananas, B-a-n-a-n-a-s

Yes Gwen, these really are bananas. In batter. Fried. And freaking delicious. A major benefit of having Asian Grandma in the house, chained to the gas stove. I am excited that Emmy will grow up learning to eat Vietnamese snacks like mung bean desserts, and xi muoi salty prunes, and boiled chicken heart and gizzards. All the yummy foodstuffs of a Vietnamese Marvin upbringing. 

Oh, and the fried bits on the left are actually sweet potato slices in the same batter. Just as crispy on the outside, but instead of the gooey soft banana innards, the potato slices are firm and sweet. If you see an Asian Grandma on the street, ask if she's Vietnamese and chances are she knows how to make these. And will gladly do so if you ask politely and promise to eat a hearty portion.

Vicky NguyenComment