Brawls, Saltwater Taffy, and Regret

So we're in San Francisco waiting to interview a guy who used his iPhone to video tape a nasty brawl on his Muni bus ride, when we pass this chocolate store in North Beach called Z. Cioccolato. They give out free fudge samples and the shop smells like freshly popped caramel corn, which incidentally, they also give out for free. Naturally I shimmied inside to look for chocolate gummy bears. It's just what I do.

As I'm walking through this candy shop and hotboxing the caramel corn vapors, I overhear an employee telling this lady to feel free to sample any of the taffy. ANY of the TAFFY? My sweet tooth and I sidle over immediately to ask whether we should taste the pomegranate or raspberry lemonade. She says pomegranate. So as that's melting in my mouth, I decide to grab some for my cousins who are coming to visit this weekend. Then she tells me I should try apricot, because that's the best of the fruit flavors. I won't get into just how many of the 65 flavors of taffy I sampled because who's counting anyway? But I did purchase my fair share of taffy and the sacred chocolate gummy bears.

I go to check out, and this helpful employee is now offering me a free sample of walnut fudge, which I am physically unable to refuse because me + free + sugary goodness = sweet Baby Jesus candy coma. Right then, I notice just how TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL this girl is. In a no makeup, short clean hair, fair clear skin, pretty smile, perfect nose kind of pretty. Not obnoxious or in your face pretty. Effortless. The kind of beauty that sneaks up on people and then is totally all consuming.

Of course, I don't say anything until 3 seconds later when I step out of the store and I'm like, That girl was so pretty! And my photog's like, Um YEAH. That's why I'm carrying 27 dollars worth of fudge right  now. And I'm like, you should go back in and tell her I thought she was totally gorgeous. And he's like, um, no, you crazy reporter. And then we crossed the street and did our interview. Which, on a side note, just thinking of those ladies screaming at each other on Muni still makes me queasy. It was totally unsettling video. Maybe the way the Chinese lady kept yelling "YOU ARE STUPIT!" "YOU ARE STUPIT!" And "Fock YOU! Fock YOU!" The whole thing was just so disturbing it was not even funny.

Back to this girl. I just wish I would've complimented her. Because it was such a genuine sentiment and I think she was the type of nice person who would've appreciated a random compliment. And it's a total thing that you should just do because it's nice and even though it might seem weird or embarrassing, it's just a true observation and there's not enough people who share NICE true observations. It's much easier to say, did you see that fat lady who had 7 fudge samples?

But it's too late. I can't very well call up the store now and be like, Yeah, I was the little Asian chick in there sampling 65 of your 65 flavors of taffy and I wanted to tell you that the tall girl with the short brown hair and perfect skin and no make up was really nice. And pretty. Very pretty. OK thanks, bye! Because that would be weird, right?