When Emmy and Mommy Became Friends

Two weekends ago, when Emmy learned how to sit up, unassisted, I really began to like her. I mean, I loved her before that, obviously, or else I would've eaten her by now, as I've heard some mothers do in the wild with their offspring. But the first time I could sit her in a chair and watch her play with toys, I felt a surge of LIKE. I could really enjoy spending time with her, looking directly at her cute face, and see her DOING SOMETHING. Other than eating. Or lying down sleeping. Or lying down grumbling at me and mewwing and coughing and snuffling her little wheee wheee cries until I picked her up. I could finally see her for a few minutes, actually directly look at her face, and take in the scenery. Emmy playing with toys. Semi independently. It was a quantum leap for me. I could finally relate to my daughter as a little being! Who could entertain me with her dexterity and curious expressions and attempts to pick up squishy toys and slowly, slowly, bring them to her mouth. And when one toy would get old, I could toss her another one, and she would slowly, slowly, turn her attention to the newest toy within reach and change her focus.

Before this, I always had to entertain her. And that meant walking around, carrying her facing outward, because Lordy if you face that child inward, she will frown and cry at the INHUMANITY of it all and then she will whip her face around THIS way, and THAT way until she can see OUT, at the world. Because why would anyone want to look at her smiling Mommy's face or snuggle into her loving Mommy's neck when there's a whole WORLD of THINGS out there to see?

The Good Doctor just looked at me like I was crazed when I told him, You know, I really LIKE Emmy now. He's always liked and loved her. Theirs has been as easy relationship so far. Because he's like that. Easy to love, and he loves easily when there's no reason not to. Me, not so much. If Facebook asked me what my relationship with Emmy is, I would check the box next to "It's complicated." 

So we took this video, of the game that Asian Grandma invented, and it represents a mini milestone for me. Finally learning to like my baby girl because I could sit back, just a little, and get some perspective.

Props to The Good Doctor for his tossing skills. No babies or animals were harmed in the taping of this segment.