Emmy's First Blog Post

(Note: I thought Emmy posted this on 9/28/09 but it turns out she totally forgot to check the box to publish it. Sorry about the inconvenience. Babies these days!)

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Milk milk milk. What does it take to get some real food around here? I see you people eating chips and fruit and chocolate ice cream with marshmallows. I can smell it too. That's why I stare at you with my big concerned eyes and follow the food from the bowl to your mouth.

But I sense ch-ch-changes. You noticed that my two front bottom teeth are breaking through. I was laughing at Daddy during our trip to Target Sunday when did a double take and looked into my mouth. Yep, I'm growing some teeth! They look like little clear nubs sprouting out of my gums. Standing in the incontinence aisle for 10 minutes while the two of you made funny faces and noises to get me to open my mouth again was a little excessive. But those two little teeth explain the drooling and squealing every night for the past two weeks. My gums ACHE and I want some REAL food! I'm glad you relaxed after you found out Asian Grandma was sneaking me licks of mango and papaya months ago. Although Daddy still consulted The Book about stage ONE foods versus stage TWO foods and found out Oh My God, Mommy let me taste strawberries which are a stage TWO food and highly allergenic. Oops. But so far my throat hasn't closed up and I haven't broken into hives, so I guess we can bring the Terror Alert Level back to Yellow. If you look real close, you'll see 'em. Those are my teeth!


In other developments, I sure love looking at myself in the mirror. I love ME! I make myself smile and laugh when no one else can. Just bring me a looking glass and I will find my happy place.

You've noticed my napping schedule has changed. I don't nap every two hours anymore, thank goodness. Now I'm up a lot more during the day and ready for entertainment. You've figured out that I don't like to do the same thing more than 1.5 times. Stimulate me! I've heard that's good for babies.

That Tofu dog sure likes to lick me. She's all right. I don't know why she moves away when I reach out for her. I'm just trying to squeeze an ear or grab a clump of fur real real tight. I'm practicing my grip! Like when I pinch Daddy's arm with my nails. Just testing my fingers. Romeo doesn't come close often, but I am a pro at reaching for his tail and touching that squinchy brown hole beneath it. What's the big deal? I don't know why you two make such a big fuss about washing my hands when I do that.

I still hate being on my tummy. Why do you insist on torturing me with this nonsense? I'm going to flip over every time. All day people. But the sitting up and playing with toys is pretty fun. I like my green chair and the new game where you throw things to me. It's amusing. For now.

All in all it's been a pretty good almost 6 months outside the womb. White Grandma has given me enough clothes to last until I'm two. And Asian Grandma is my burro. She does a lot of the heavy lifting when you're not home. But it's fun when it's just the three of us, plus the doggies. I can tell you love me a lot. Otherwise why else would you put up with my poop splattering all over your perforated leather seats in the Prius. I didn't mean to laugh but after three days of back up in the pooper, it was a moment of pure CELEBRATION.


Emmy Pearl