We came thisclose to taking Romeo, Tofu, and Coco to get their teeth cleaned at the Vet Clinic of Doom.

Asian Grandpa saw an ad for the VC of D in the paper. Coupons and 'accreditation' and specials on dental visits galore! Thank GOD for Yelp. It is my service Bible. I check it for recommendations on everything. It's tragic you can't Yelp individual people. Oh that guy Joe? He's 4 stars. Great kisser but too clingy. That chick Jezebel? 1 star! Zero stars if Yelp had that! She's a cunty whore!

Anyway, I Yelped this vet clinic that looked SO good on paper, and found out it was a "DEATH TRAP!" "Never take your pets there!" "The doctors are mean and they eat chihuahua feet!"

So we found another vet, one with a 4.5 star rating, and took the three unwilling, shaking, petrified  dogs to have their annual teeth cleaning.

This was the result. Romeo and Tofu each had 3 teeth pulled, and Coco had two. We haven't been brushing their teeth as diligently as we should. One, because we have a baby. Two, because the small dogs' mouths open about as wide as a Jelly Belly. Three, because we suck.

So let this be a lesson to you dog owners. Especially dogs of the small variety. Anyone know where I can find a micro toothbrush for their micro mouths?