Things That Bug in a Typical Workday

1. Busywork.

2. Requests that you and I both know will be impossible by our deadline.

3. The bargain GPS that leads us 10 minutes in the wrong direction at least once per day because it's "re-calculating." Or worse: "Lost satellite reception."

4. Sitting in a van that is my very unglamorous mobile office, one that I share with 75 other people who all fart into this same passenger seat.

5. Busybodies.

6. Not knowing when the photog will have a meltdown. It's like PMS, but with no warning signs.

7. Flakes. Just call back and and say yes or no. Or text. Or email. Or Twitter. Or Facebook. Just let a sister know.

8. Relying on other people to make up their minds.

9.  Forgetting what a cool job this can be. I take it for granted sometimes. Strolling on the upper deck of the Bay Bridge when it's shut down and under construction is actually very memorable and a random perk that comes with this gig.

That's Amber Lee of KTVU. Friend and great mentor when I interned there. We bonded over our basenjis.