Puff Diddy

Emmy has this way of staring unabashedly at you whenever you eat or drink in front of her. It's worse than the dogs. She will track the food or liquid from the table to your mouth. Just staring. Longingly. With those giant liquidy dark eyes. To the point where I'm like, "Good Doctor, can't she just have ONE chicken wing?" It defies my motherly will to deny that little foodie face. She just looks so interested and sweet.

Thankfully, we have begun the solid foods, so she doesn't have to drink all her calories like a Slim-Fast spokesbaby.

She adores these puffed snacks. But unlike everything else she gets in her tiny fists, she won't put them in her mouth. She would rather lower her head into your hand and gobble them out of your palm like a pigeon.

P.S. Sunday Vicky = no makeup. Everyday Emmy = cuteness.

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