This is a BBNA. Baby Breaking News Alert. Emmy can, and does, poop in the toilet. It is the most oddly exhilarating feeling watching your baby squeeze out a poop. You want to share that news with the world. Hence, this post.

Asian Grandma and White Grandma have both seen, with their naked eyes, the enormous production that Emmy is capable of. It is quite unexpected in volume. Quite.

I gather this is enough detail for you.

But wait, there's more! Consistently for the past six days, Emmy has clued us in on when she wants to do the deed. It starts with some casual farting. One here, one there, a couple in a row. Over a span of a few minutes. Followed by some staring and a little grunting and bearing down. When those things happen, in that sequence, we know It's Time.

Time to stop being polite and start getting real. We get her to the bathroom, take off her diaper, plop her onto her little padded baby seat, and wait for the sweet sweet sounds of nature. And Oh. My. Golly. She always tinkles first. Then comes the grunty face. And then...well, there's really nothing like that feeling. When you watch your baby drop a deuce and then see the relief on her face.

It is worth a yell. And that's Emmy's signature move. A nice satisfied yell to say, "Hey y'all, I pushed it out and I'm proud. Can I get a woot woot?" 

And this is what that yell looks like.

P.S. To be fair, she did it for Asian Grandma first. She always does stuff for her first.