Things I Am Addicted To

1. Carbonation. In any sort of beverage. Bubbly Goodness please ravage my throat.

2. Pomegranates. If I could create a microclimate in my house to grow these year round, I would make a pomegranate grow house and steal power from PG&E just like the real grow houses.

3. The smell of The Good Doctor's neck. I just inhaled thinking about it. No aftershave or product. Just some sort of natural attractant wafting from his neck into my nostrils. I have spent many minutes with my nose smushed into his neck, often at 1am when I am awake and he is not. 

4. Eurasian antique furniture. Not the super old really Chinese-y stuff with 800 drawers for apothecary use, but the beautiful dressers and benches and night stands that are hand painted with birds and scenery. Velly velly prittty.

5. Hearing my baby's laugh. But because it would be baby cruelty to tickle her ALL DAY LONG, I limit it to 8 hours per day. I can't get enough of the Emmy giggle. I play my cell phone video at least 3 times a day when I'm at work. Shut it. It's my baby's laugh and I can hear it when I want to. 

6. Hip hop. How do you hear those funky beats and a) not want to get down, get down and b) not be in a good mood as you get down, get down.

7. Silk chocolate soymilk. I drink a glass everyday. Except now, when I run out more often than I should because SOMEONE glugs down more than his fair share. He converted to Silk after his friend Kalpesh told him regular chocolate milk is made from the cow's bloody milk to hide the pink color. Don't know if that's true but I'm just passing on the unconfirmed, disturbing information that I heard. Very responsible of me as a journalist.

8. Laughing. It is the second best feeling after the first best feeling. Yeah, THAT first best feeling. I love a good belly shaking, soul stirring laugh that lasts and lasts and then just when it's sputtering, catches hold again and roars back to life.

9. Inhaling Emmy's hot hot breath. I get lightheaded sucking it down. No plaque on her four little teeths yet so her breath has no explicable smell. It's just like breathing in pure Life. 

10.  The. Amazing. Race. I used to think the show was just OK because the teams always catch up to each other at the airport. I mean how many flights are there from Mozambique to Ireland on any given day? But then I started imagining The Good Doctor and myself running around the world and going down waterslides and climbing up buildings and unraveling hay rolls and playing Dutch golf and eating wasabi cones and searching for hidden tiny baby snowmen and winning a million dollars and I have become Obsessed With the Show. And figuring out whether we could ever be on it, since I work for a competing network and he has a brand new job with real people who aren't so obsessed with this TV show and would rather have him on the schedule so they don't have loads more work to do while he parades around the world. Haters!