Baby Food

Asian Grandma and I decided to fill the 20 empty baby food jars we've amassed since Emmy started eating solids. She loves all the pureed foods but the textures are way blah. Like food for your granny with no teeth. But Emmy has 4 toofs! And two more sprouting. And she wants to bite and chew and use those chompers. Sometimes on Mommy's No Chompers Allowed Zones. I've discussed that with her but it's hard to get my point across to someone so linguistically challenged. 

So we did a little Iron Chef baby style and attempted to our hand at some homemade vittles for Emmy.

We boiled some chicken, and saved the broth. Then we added organic carrots, zucchini, potatoes, and golden cauliflower and boiled that until it was super soft. Added just a splash of Tabasco*, mixed it with some white rice, pulsed it in the blender and voila!

It's a veritable baby food making factory at our house. We're looking for ideas and taking requests from hungry babies. Delivery service not yet available.  

*Kidding. No baby tongues were set on fires in the making or gobbling of this food.