Modern Mullet

As I've mentioned before, my hair and makeup have been a work in progress. With emphasis on the "work" and not so much on the "progress." I have been slow to catch onto the ways of TV stardom, mostly based on laziness and fear. Too lazy to seek professional help, too scared to release control of my "look" to people who actually know about "looks." I've sort of just muddled along and experimented and come up with my own do's and don'ts. And one day I will go through my old photos and post a little retrospective of the don'ts. Oh what a Christmas gift that will be.

So after admiring the lovely hair of one of my colleagues for quite some time, I come to find out she and another good looking anchor at NBC both get their hair did at the same place!

I decided to take the plunge and see what a $125 haircut would get me, and it turns out, I got a mullet with bangs. 

But you know what's weird? Mullets actually work really well on TV. Lots of volume and height can be added via correct usage of the hairdryer. Now I just need to figure out how to tame my mullet and we're in business. Just call me Vicky Nguyen Cyrus.