Christmas Tree "Before" Picture


This is the $40 Christmas tree we bought from Home Depot. And by "we" I mean The Good Doctor and my Prius. He raced out to pick up this 7 foot noble fir when we found out our friends were going to be an hour late for lunch. 

We were immediately like, "Check the itinerary. What can we re-schedule? Move up the acquisition of Christmas tree." Without this military precision and dedication to timing, our weekend would devolve into migrating from sofa to bed to other bed to playmat and back to sofa again while entertaining Emmy. 

Which is all well and good IF YOU WANT TO SPOIL EMMY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS! We can't just HANG OUT on these scarce December weekends before Christmas. 'Twas the night before is almost here and we have ZERO presents and one strand of lights to go on the tree. So weekend time right now es muy importante and las personas con malos modales sin ninos que llegan tarde a mi casa por sushi gratis es muy muy ANNOYING. Nevermind the precious minutes we frittered away because I got the date wrong and we showed up a week early for a birthday party Saturday afternoon. Sorry Good Doctor. But wasn't that a nice surprise visit with Donna's mom?

So after splashing cold water on my face and hyperventilating my annoyance level from Alert Level Red back down to a manageable Yellow, we agreed Emmy and I would hold down the fort while The Good Doctor headed out in the drizzle to secure a tree.

He came back with this beauty. But it turns out, it may not be halal. That means kosher, right? The Good Doctor apparently STOLE someone else's tree. And she was a little old lady too. The story goes, "I saw this tree and it looked really good. Someone had unwrapped it and I was looking at it and twirling it around and then I started to drag it to the register." Then this guy and his elderly mother came up and they were like, "The color on that tree is so beautiful. That's a good looking tree." Awkward silence. The Good Doctor then says, "Yep it really is a nice tree..." And then sort of just drags it away. He's convinced they didn't REALLY want it, because they didn't say anything. Or maybe they were just too stunned that some big tall dude just swooped in, grabbed their tree, and took off.

Emmy's First Stolen Tree. Next stop, Target. Where I plan to shoplift some ornaments to keep with the theme The Good Doctor has started.