Emmy's Stickers

So it's been months and months and since we moved to our new place, and we FINALLY properly decorated Emmy's walk in closet sized room. And by properly, I mean we put up 20 some odd decals of fun zoo animals and these wooden letters that were painted to look like those decals. 

So we're all excited we have Emmy's letters up and the cool stickers that we got from Therapy and feeling like, finally, her room doesn't look like a dungeon!

Cut to: Walking into Emmy's room the next morning, and the freaking giraffe sticker that was on the left side of the "E" had not only un-stuck itself, it had fallen. Down. Onto Emmy. So she's looking up doing her morning smileys and blowing raspberries with a huge giraffe decal stuck on her belly. And just to spite us for having waited so long to 'decorate' Emmy's room, the interior design poltergeists folded the giraffe in half. It could've just fallen like 3 of the other animal stickers in the room, waiting patiently on the floor to be re-stuck with additional reinforcement tape. But no. This giraffe was unsalvageable. Its scrawny neck was stuck to its legs and then Emmy's little crunching fists did in the rest. That giraffe was a goner, despite my best resuscitation efforts.

So that's why there's only one giraffe sticker on the right of Emerson. 

I promise Emmy, someday when we have our own house, we will get you better decorations. That don't fall on your face when you're sleeping.

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