Thanksgiving day was a whirlwind. And we were just guests at the 40 person affair. We didn't have to slave over the perfectly cooked 28 pound turkey.

Or the 24 additional pounds of turkey breast that were cooked "just in case there wasn't enough food." We didn't have to set up the beautifully decorated house or fold any cloth napkins or place paper leaves on the china so that everyone could write a little note about what they were thankful for this year. The Good Doctor's mother and his aunt Julie took care of everything. His dad helped a little, but he knows better than to mess with those women when they're in The Zone.

It was lovely to see so much extended family. White Grandma has two brothers and four sisters and between those 7 siblings, a whole lot of cousins and second cousins have been created.

All of those "kids," by the way, are taller than I am. Yes. By age 10, every child in The Good Doctor's family is at least 5'2" or well over. Emmy is looking at her Amazonian cousins here, and hoping that she too will grow supermodel length legs by 5th grade.

I love these ginormous get togethers. Especially because I get to see White Grandma in her element--being a gracious hostess and taking care of everyone. And because I get to talk with "The Sisters." Women who have such different personalities and perspectives and such big hearts who have welcomed me into the family and made me feel like a sister too. They are the kind of women who run up to the DJ at your wedding to request "We Are Family," and then start line dancing to a song that Sister Sledge never thought people would line dance to.

This Thanksgiving I was reminded again how lucky I am to have in-laws I love, and like.