That's what we call a story that may or may not be all that newsworthy, but one that people just can't seem to stop talking about.

Right now, in many circles, that would be the Tiger Woods drama. The literal car wreck we keep reading about because every day some other text or voicemail or Tiger and Co. statement seems to surface.

So I get an email from a lovely friend about a late night conversation she and her husband had about the situation. And no, it wasn't me and The Good Doctor. We don't have have late night conversations. We have me diving into bed with freezing hands and feet and him valiantly absorbing my subzero heat- seeking extremities as they bury themselves into his available crevices.


"Wife: we all know what kind of man Tiger was. he only dated hot women and women who were models. and he went through them like underwear. so, if you know you like hot models, why bother getting married. just lead the playboy life you love leading and don't ruin anyone's life or marriage.

Husband: my theory is tiger married for the reason 90% of all men marry. he wanted children. and as the saying goes, you can't turn a ho into a housewife. so, he went out there and found the perfect woman that was going to make the perfect children, the perfect mother, and the perfect wife.

W: you think that's the only reason why men marry?

H: yes, ask every man in this world and 90% of them will say the same thing.

W: so you're saying that tiger planned to cheat on his wife the entire time? and that he never intended to become a loyal husband?

H: yes, he's the kind of man who wants to have his cake and eat it too. of course, i don't know the guy, and i can't speak on his behalf, but considering what all men talk about, i'm willing to bet that that's what tiger wanted all this time."

Back to me now. Thoughts?