Things Interns Should Do

1. Show up to your interview wearing a suit or other business attire. We can, and do, judge you based on your appearance. And we get excited when you look the part. Shallow but totally the real world.

2. Show up on time. DUH. DUH. DUH. 

3. Not ask dumb questions. Even though we tell you there's "no such thing as a dumb question," there is. There are many such things as a dumb question.

4. Turn up or down the energy to match your environment. If things are going bananas and it's breaking news and we need to GO, you need to GO. If I'm chilling after a long day, you're chilling.

5. Have a plan, Stan. Why are you here? To make a tape? To observe? To network? All of the above? Make a mission statement that you look at every day and adjust it accordingly.

6. Make it clear that you are serious. Don't shy away from the tough assignments by going to the bathroom or looking at PerezHilton when everyone is heading out the door.

7. Listen. Suggest ways you can be useful by doing research on the Internet or making calls or printing a map or finding out tidbits that will help me do my job, thus ensuring I will be appreciative of your presence and help you with shooting standups and making your reel.

8. Carry stuff. For me, the photog, the interviewee. Just be handy and in the right place more often than not.

9. Watch the product. Read scripts. Know the format. Ground yourself and get a basic understanding of the inner-workings so that you are not clueless.

10. Give me a reason many reasons to make calls on your behalf and give you my highest recommendation. After all, you aren't working all this time for free just for fun. You're trying to get a job out of this penniless internship.

Yeah, don't even think about asking if this is a paid opportunity. Being an actual journalist is barely a paid opportunity.