That's my Vietnamese name. Pronounced sort of like "Ian" but more like "Een" but your voice has to go up at the end, with a slight questioning tone. Like "Een?!" Anyway, some of my co-workers were asking me about that because Vicky is obviously not a Vietnamese name, and it wasn't my given name and how did I go from Een?! to Vicky anyway?

It basically happened around 2nd grade. When I was sick of being called "Yen" like "yen," the currency of Japan.

So 7 year old Een?! decides she has to find a better, more Americanized name. Because there's nothing worse than being "different," with a foreign name, when you're 7.

At the time, one of my favorite shows was "Three's Company." Remember? With Jack Tripper and Chrissy Snow (who The Good Doctor must've had a HUGE crush on but continues to deny it to this day although I know it's true because he named his BLACK cat "Crissy" after Chrissy Snow and what other 10 year old kid names his black cat "Crissy" unless he has a huge crush on Suzanne Somers and don't get me started on spelling because The Good Doctor lacks in that department but I can't get into it right now) and poor Janet, who never gets any props. Anyway, Jack's girlfriend's name was Vicky. The flight attendant. Who later starred in the spin off "Three's a Crowd."

Well, for whatever reason, 7 year old me thought she was so cool and pritty and liked her name so much that I asked my parents if I could change my name to Vicky. And they were like, "OK." And then later on I changed it to Victoria because no one's name is just Vicky, it's Victoria and then they shorten it to Vicky. But shoot, we didn't know about all that. I was 7 for Pete's sake. And my parents were immimgrants! We didn't get the memo on real names vs. nicknames.

And that is how it happened. It still sounds weird when my parents call me "Vicky" in front of my "American" friends. Because they never stopped calling me Een?! and I totally consider myself Een?! in any Vietnamesey setting.

Yen, by the way, is also the name of a bird in Vietnam that builds its nest on craggy cliffsides and whose saliva is said to possess legendary healing powers. I'm told many a person has died in the quest for that magical spit.

R.I.P. Yen hunters. R.I.P.