Emmy and Her BFF

Emmy and BFF Tofu from vicky nguyen on Vimeo.

Emmy is the baby. Tofu is the white dog. Tofu adores Emmy but can't quite figure out why she is such a Flailing Blob.

This happens in our house at least 3 times a day. We put Emmy down for tummy time.  Then Tofu trots over to offer some licks of support. Emmy decides she'd much rather roll over onto her back, and then Tofu's like, hell yeah, let me lick her eyeballs! This time though, Tofu gets tired of waiting for Emmy to get it together and pet her, so she makes it easier by rolling over.

Of course, that's when my camera flashes "MEMORY CARD FULL." Still kicking myself for not deleting the videos of The Good Doctor playing Wii baseball against his brother. This video was way cuter.