The Mother Lode


Pure liquid gold stacked up on two shelves in our freezer. I started pumping when Emmy was 3 weeks old, based on the doctor's recommendation that we get her started on one bottle feeding a day, to make sure she didn't reject the bottle. Lucky for us, she's the Joey Chestnut of breastfeeding. A very good eater. She doesn't care if it's me, a bottle, or the teat of a barnyard animal. Just keep the milk flowing until she's done. At which time she will let out a high pitched squeal and kick off my chest to let me know it's time to get moving, so MUSH! She's like a hummingbird, suck suck, done!

We have about 56 of those little bottles in our freezer right now. Each one holds 5 ounces. At this rate, Emmy can take some to college with her!

I thought my stockpile would take a hit once I returned to work but thanks to my trusty GE provided pump, I am still extracting the sweet nectar once per shift. Usually it's in the back of a live truck, in a Burger King parking lot, as I balance my nursing cover over the suction cups and hope that no one decides to walk by and peek into the NBC van. 

And yes, if you look closely, those are Trader Joe's meatless corndogs on the shelf below the milk. Mommy's gotta eat too.