When I was growing up, my parents and I clashed not only on the generational level, but on the cultural one as well. I see my little cousins going through the same battle as they grow up Vietnamese American. They are dealing with the typical issues that all teens have with their parents, but add the layer of Vietnamese-y culture and expectations, and they are basically screwed for the next 10 years. 

Annoying things about Asian Parents:

They openly complain about how lazy/fat/impolite/quiet you are when they see their friends or relatives, thinking that will motivate you into becoming a busy/skinny/polite/loud child.

They don't say "I'm proud of you." 

Getting a report card full of A's is nothing to celebrate. It's something you do. Like brushing your teeth or breathing. 

They insist you not lick your fingers when clearly, it states "Finger lickin' good" on the bucket.

They say things like, "that's so annoy." 

They think it's okay to talk about you like you're not in the room. When you are. And you can HEAR EVERYTHING THEY ARE SAYING. 

They think you will break your neck if you take gymnastics lessons.

They disapprove of everything when you first suggest it, then later love the idea when they see other people's kids doing the same thing.

They want you to be a doctor or engineer.

They love to go to buffets.

They talk about how much everything costs and ask everyone else how much everything costs.

They want you to buy a house with a granny unit.