Stranger Danger

We have been struggling with Emmy's reaction to people outside of me, The Good Doctor, and Asian Grandma. She spends the majority of her time with the three of us, and she has a terrible bedside manner when faced with the prospect of being held, or God forbid, PLAYED WITH, by anyone else.

And wouldn't you know it, that's all White Grandma and White Grandpa wanted to do during our visit this weekend. Can you believe those people?

But on our way home, we stopped to see my aunt, who hasn't held Emmy since she was a couple weeks old. The second she saw my aunt, who is Asian Grandma's older sister, Emmy broke into a huge grin. Big, charming, open mouth smile. My aunt was going bananas, loud, clapping, high pitched voice. The Good Doctor and I looked at each other like are you KIDDING ME?! We just spent 36 hours telling everyone NOT to do that because it guarantees Emmy will scowl, then break out into a wailing cry, complete with fat, juicy tears.

Then we realized Emmy was being so charming because she thought Asian Aunt was Asian Grandma. Turns out, even babies think all Asians look alike.