We live in the Bay Area. Where white guys + Asian chicks = 97% of mixed race couples. So many, in fact, The Good Doctor and I invented a code name for the children of these mixed couples. Marvins. That way, when we're at Costco and we pass a mixed couple with a kid, we can say Marvin, and the other person knows to check out the kid to see if he's ugly or not. It sounds cruel but really it was just a little pastime we developed when I got pregnant. We wanted to establish a mental database of what mixed kids looked like so that when our Marvin was born, we'd have a point of reference.

Because let's face it, there are mixed race hotties, and there are mixed race notties. It's harder with kids because most are pretty cute with their big heads and chubby cheeks and freckles and whatnot. But we've all seen the combo gone wrong. The worst of both sides. For us it would've been: my round face with his long nose, my small eyes with his wide eyebrows, my slightly buck teeth with his giant jaw...So naturally, we were studying ALL the Marvins.

Before you say that is so superficial and children are gifts from God and how dare we be so shallow and just for that our next child will be hideously ugly and need to wear a baby toupee, we know and we hope not and does anyone know where to find a good baby toupee? Anyway, it was too late to worry. The seed had been planted, how do you like that picture, and we were not going to love our baby any less even if she did inherit my husband's wonky toes and his birthmark and his one eyebrow that goes straight up just so. Which she did. She has my chubby cheeks and giant head. And definitely my ears. I was staring at her little ears during one of her midnight snack attacks lying on her Boppy contentedly sucking away with her eyes closed. Then I went to my Mom the next day, pulled back my hair, held Emmy up next to my head and said, Mom, I think Emmy has the EXACT same ears as I do. And she was like, I KNOW! I was thinking the SAME thing. Now if she is as poor a listener as I am, we'll definitely know she's my child.

Anyway, this is Emmy at about 4 months, next to a picture of me when I was about 8 months. Our family had just landed in a refugee camp in Malaysia and this was my ID picture. Hopefully there's a big ole brain in that big ole noggin. Looks-wise, I think we have a pretty cute Marvin.