Breasts Are Not Always Better

I have this argument with The Good Doctor all the time. He is a chicken-a-holic, and only likes to eat the white meat. And I, being an Asian person raised with tastebuds, think that it's OK to eat the dark meat sometimes too. And egads, even the crispy skin on the chicken! And oh, the AUDACITY, bone-in chicken! Is that so barbaric? But The Good Doctor loves the lily white, skinless, boneless variety of poultry. It sometimes very contentious around dinner time in our home.

But a few weeks ago, when it was still summer and I was all hyper about grilling in our backyard, my Sunset Magazine came with a mouthwatering picture of BBQ chicken on the cover. Then I found out it was Tyler Florence's recipe. Yes, Ultimate Tyler. I have made many an Ultimate meal and received Ultimate compliments so I immediately rushed to find my pantry ingredients. And it came out looking so close to the magazine pic that I had to photograph it. The homemade BBQ sauce is UH-MAZING. So tangy and delicious and worth it. And lo and behold, The Good Doctor ate it! And only spit out a little bit of skin into his napkin.

My chicken...pretty darn close to Tyler's! Grill marks courtesy of The Good Doctor, who stood at the grill like a champ and resisted his usual urge to open the lid 74 times. It was truly a breakthrough evening.


Sunset Magazine, Thayer Allyson Gowdy, Margo True

The recipe is here.  

On a side note, I owe a do-over meal to my in-laws. My first attempt at BBQ chicken was a carcinogenic charred disaster. They love me a lot because they upped their cancer risk by at least 4% after eating those black drumsticks.

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