Asian Makeup

You would think after nearly 10 years in TV, and 8 years of experimenting with makeup before that, I would've figured it out by now. But after returning from maternity leave, and subscribing to Comcast HD, I realized I needed some H to the E-L-P. I was looking pale, wan and washed out. I'd been blog stalking wedding photog Jennifer Skog and saw that she worked with Thi Cosmetics, a brand created by Vietnamese makeup artist Taylor Pham. Her line specializes in Asian skintones and the products looked really natural and pretty, with nice coverage.

Confession: I've never had my makeup professionally done before. Well, once a lady touched up my makeup before a shoot, but I've never gone to a makeup artist or counter or MAC store and sat down to have someone go at it with their products. Have you seen the women that walk away from those experiences? They always look like clowns to me. But I was game this time because this makeup was FABA. My spin on FUBU. For Asians By Asians. And I was not disappointed! Nor did I leave looking like Bozo. Double plus.

This is Grace, a Korean Marvin. She had feeee-yierce tats, including one of her cat's face that looked like a photo of a cat's face. Apparently her tattoo artist is in talks to join LA Ink. Grace taught me how to use concealer. And gently suggested it was time to grow up, and apply eye cream, to which my fine lines and I sighed and nodded in agreement.

No, I am not chewing tobacco here. This is me requesting that my husband take some photos of the studio and 'action' shots. Which he did, after I threatened to confiscate his Palm Pre and stash it in my pants. He was engrossed in trying to install some program to work with his Touchstone charger. Don't say I didn't warn you about malware from third party apps, tsk tsk.

And this is Taylor Pham, owner and creator of Thi. Super gracious and very nice with a rocking iTunes playlist. She was watching Grace doing my eye makeup, and she kept saying, tightline her eyes, make sure you tightline. And let me tell you, I learned some very cool techniques that day. And boy, do I love a nice tightline. 

But what Taylor eventually did was what no man or woman before her has EVER done. She PLUCKED my eyebrows. Until this day, I thought I had been doing a pretty decent job, tweezing here and there, gently shaping and scaping. But ever since I was old enough to wield tweezers, my mother always said don't overpluck. SOMETIMES EYEBROWS NEVER GROW BACK. EVER. So that kept me afraid, very afraid, of overplucking. Because I didn't want my brows to NEVER GROW BACK..ACK...ACK. It echoes in my head.

But up walks Taylor, shop owner and makeup creator, and she goes, when's the last time you plucked your brows? And I'm like, umm, a few days ago? And she goes, do you notice those points? And I was like, ummm, yeah, actually I do. And she goes, hmmm, do you mind? And tweezes out 3 hairs from the top of my left eyebrow. And I looked COMPLETELY different. She plucked a few more hairs from each brow, and I looked at myself and was like, damn! I looked GOOD. Those 7 rogue eyebrow hairs were holding me back! Who knows how much sooner I could've gotten into market 6 had I just known how to define my arches!!!

My mom rushed over to inspect. And...nodded in approval! Then she started telling Taylor how she's noticed that sometimes, when you overpluck, EYEBROWS NEVER GROW BACK.