Our Snoggies

Romeo and Tofu. Otherwise known as Chomey Loo Lamar Odom and Tofu Lu Chan Chalmers. They are small dogs with big issues attitudes. Romeo is the fearless leader and Tofu, his trusty, if unwanted sidekick.

Romeo came into the family first in 2003, born in a mobile home park in North Phoenix. He was my introduction to small dogs. He is a total mini pin. Clever, feisty, loud, and obsessed with walks. Did I just say walks? I hear him rounding the corner now, did someone say walks? That dog is psychotic about walks. Say the word and he is instantly kicking the back of my legs with his front paws jumping up like a kangaroo and wiggling his butt. But somehow he hasn't figured out he'll get to his walk a lot faster if he would SETTLE THE HELL DOWN so we can put his leash on. Sigh. That dog has given me at least 27 premature gray hairs.

Years later, after undergoing chihuahua withdrawal when we moved away from my mom's dog and back to California, I suggested we get a buddy for Romeo. Two people, two dogs, no problem! Well, it took a LOT of convincing and begging and even bullying, but eventually I persuaded my husband to just "see" a little white dog who was the only survivor of a litter of four after the owners left the newborn pups in freezing cold garage. Good thing we stopped at the ATM "just in case." The second they put her down, all two pounds of fluffy marshmallow puppy fuzz and fat round belly and short stocky legs, it was OVAH! The husband knew we were expanding the family pronto. And that's when Tofu came padding into our lives on tiny pink paws.




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