Christmas Cards

Yes. They're still up. Can't bear to take them off the side of the pantry just yet. This year we almost didn't send cards. Why? Because I'm a douche and thought it would be "green" and "charming" to send an e-card with Emmy's picture. But The Good Doctor slapped some sense into me and was like, "WTD? It's Emmy's FIRST Christmas. We are not sending out lame ass e-cards." And after some procrastination, we made our own semi-ghetto cards via Kodak Gallery and Target. I say semi-ghetto because they're rather plain and generic and not hand crafted works of art. But we managed to get them sent out all old-fashioned and snail mail so The Good Doctor can claim a point for that one.

I've been converted. As wasteful and excessive as Christmas can be, one tradition we'll hang onto, besides Christmustaches, is exchanging cards. Especially with Emmy, so much happens in a year and it's nice to share some of it. And I LOVED getting everyone's cards, and the handwritten notes or newsletter updates. Plus it's instant holiday decor without any assembly required. 

But my friend Mary recently tweeted about Paperless Post. They make gorgeous e-cards. Not sure if they will ever replace that "Dude, I got mail that's not a Pennysaver packet" factor of going to your mailbox and finding that actual invitation or card. But they are very ecological, which, as we NBC workers know, is very valued at our GE owned company. We'll see if it's also a Comcastic value when they take over in about a year...Ho Ho Ho.