Things I Hate

1. When you talk over me. Seriously? You're going to just start talking like I wasn't just talking? Who DOES that?

2. When my food explodes in the microwave.

3. Faking that you care.

4. When you waste my limited anytime cell phone minutes. 

5. Smugness. Just douche already, would you?

6. Bad breath.

7. Stopping for gas after the live shot.

8. When my "record as planned" program doesn't "record as planned."

9. Being questioned for no particular reason.

10. When you talk down to me. 

11. Being managed, microscopically.

12. Hidden messages.

13. Public douchery displayed on social networking sites.

14. When your passive aggressiveness makes me passive aggressive.

15. When you only have half a brain. And you use half of it.

16. When you assume I'm spoiled because I'm an only child. 

17. That you can't be at fault.

18. When you're cheap. Every single time.

19. When you cramp my style.

P.S. When I say "you" I definitely don't mean YOU, dear readers. Ho no no no. I mean "other people." The rain and other miscellaneous douchery.