Sit, Stay

At 9 1/2 months, Emmy is now able to push herself into a sitting position. From her back, she can flip over, and then slowly push herself into a sit. Hold the applause. We thought it was such an exciting development until this weekend, when we put her down for a nap. And then watched on the baby monitor until she slowly pushed herself up. The thing is, she can sit. That baby can sit like a champ.

What she SUCKS at is getting back down into a lying position. As in, she can't freaking do it AT ALL.

So we watch her cry, and cry, and cry, until her head falls forward onto her chest. And she falls asleep for a second, until an errant breath catches her and she jerks herself awake, and then starts WAILING because she was just rudely interrupted and is now awake and wondering why THE HELL she is still awake. 

The first few times this happened, we watched her, torn between intervention and what The Books say about Ferberizing. Wail WAIL cry CRY...murmur, nod off. WAKE UP, wail WAAAAAIIIIIILLLLL, cry CRYYYYYYYY. Drift to sleep. On and on. For 10 Baby Crying Minutes. Which, as you know if you have a small creature that came from your womb or the womb of someone you know pretty closely, measure 7 times as long as Grown Human Minutes. So for 70 minutes, we keep staring at the monitor, which only makes it worse, like when you watch the nurse insert your IV, and we look at each other, like, well, should we rock-paper-scissor it for who has to go in there and deal with the wrath that is Sitting Emmy Who Can Not Fall Asleep?

I win the epic best 15 out of 29 and The Good Doctor goes in, all lights out in the house, to flip her onto her back. She mews, then within in seconds, is down for the count. He crawls out, we turn the lights back on and carry on with the business of the day. Catching up on our DVD rentals for the movies everyone else saw in 2008. Poor little Schemels. She is so cute when she falls asleep all slumped forward onto her blankie like a fat drunk man passed out after partying like it's 1999. 

Which means the next order of business: The Good Doctor modifying his Baby Boot Camp exercise regimen to teach Emmy the practical skill of lying down from a seated position. Step aerobics can wait.