Clarification on Things I May or May Not Do in 2010

#2 was not serious.

On my previous post, where I said Things I May or "May Not" do in 2010, I thought it would be funny to write douche. Because I've been using that word oh, two to three dozen times daily lately. Yes, Fergie Ferg, I'm so 2000 late. Douche really made its mark a couple years ago. But me, being an English as a Second Language person, I'm making up for lost time. Just ask my husband. He gets to hear me call him a doucher everyday. Totally unprovoked. Although sometimes he is being a total doucher.

I'm also currently fond of replacing regular verbs in everyday conversation with the word douche or various tenses of douche. As in, "What are you doing to that plate?" "Douching it." Or, "I need to walk douche the dogs." Or "We have to take down douche the Christmas tree this weekend." Oh yes, the conversations in our house are so enlightened and mature. And the accompanying hand signals really add verve.

So anyway, as I was making my list of May or May Nots, douche naturally came to mind. Just fill in the blank with whatever verb works.

But as soon as The Good Doctor read my list, he warned me. He said people would think I was seriously going to douche in 2010. I just laughed and said, "Whatever, you doucher."

Turns out, he was right. Apparently I'm the doucher. Can't wait to hear the "I told you so" on this one.

P.S. Thanks Regina, I know the va jay is a self cleaning oven. Though I never really thought of it that way.