9 Months

You know how they say, "It took 9 months to put on the weight, give yourself 9 months to take it off?" Well, it's been 9 months. And it ain't off. Not that I actually deserve for it to be gone. I haven't been to a gym in at least 5 months, and that was only because I have a $49 per year, yes YEAR, membership at 24 Hour Fitness that I renew every year because did I mention it's only $49 a year? And that visit to the gym was only because we had just moved closer to a 24 Hour Fitness Express, which is like an itty bitty 24 Hour Fitness where there's no room for step/aerobics/Spinning or any other class. No room except for the small square space in the middle of the gym where you can take your class while everyone else lifts weights and runs on treadmills all around you! Naturally I decided to take a Zumba class and that's where I ran into this lovely man. 

He is the Asian Richard Simmons of Silicon Valley. It took balls to take this picture from my Crouching Tiger position. I'm lucky he didn't see me and kick my ass. I don't doubt for one second he could take me downtown Julie Brown. What I want to know though, what I really really really want to know, is where do you get a tank top like that now that it is no longer 1985?

So anyway, aside from my one, two, three, four, uno, dos, tres, quatro you know you want me, you know I want youuuu experience with Zumba, I have not really had the desire opportunity to exercise much. And now that Emmy is all growed up and literally CRIES at the site of my boobs, that makes two of us honey, I still have these annoying pounds clinging to my person.

Maybe some of those extra lbs will evaporate once the milk juggies dry up, and hopefully perk up. Because I need to get back into fighting shape in case I run into Asian Richard Simmons again.