If Only

The Good Doctor could take pictures like this all the time. Hands down the best photo he has ever taken of Emmy and me. No photoshopping. Well composed, Emmy in the foreground, her tiny little hands in the shot, perfect focus, no one's body parts cut off. There is that one tiny head growing out of Emmy's head but that's an easy fix for someone who knows how to edit photos. Behold, one of The Good Doctor's extremely rare photographic accomplishments.

It only has one other rival-- the photo he snapped of the three of us right after she was born. He managed to shave 40 pounds off my face. That is true love.

Back to the first photo. We went to Pumpkins in the Park at Guadalupe River Park this weekend and among the booths teaching us about wastewater and composting was a girl armed with face paints.

Now, I know my daughter. She is the same little girl who lined up at Gymboree to get her purple Gymbo hand stamp, and then wailed every time she looked at it until we could get home and scrub it off. She is not fond of body art or anything else stuck to her body except what the Good Lord gave her. But after she watched another little girl get a rainbow with clouds painted on her cheek, we thought she might get into the spirit of things. I volunteered my cheek to show her, "See, Mommy's getting a heart! Ooooh, a pretty pretty heart!" in that uber happy overly excited ISN'T THIS FREAKING AMAZING voice we use when we want her to do something new. 

Nothing doing. As soon as the artist raised her brush, Emmy turned into a spastic head shaking wiggleworm. 

You know what this early aversion to body art means, though. She's coming home from her first year at Harvard with a tramp stamp.