Things Salespeople Should Not Do

Call us, "You guys."

Tell me "I know price is an issue for you guys." Or that you "know" anything else about us guys. Don't assume. Let me tell you what matters or doesn't matter.

Say that you explained the return policy when you didn't.

Contradict yourself. 

Play hardball. 

Throw a temper tantrum and turn a 5 minute conversation into a series of 20 minute conversations.

Mistake my niceness for weakness. Underneath the surface is a Dragon Lady who will attack if provoked.

Delay the inevitable.

Ask me if I'm "being serious right now." I'm cardiac arrest serious. Run and tell that.

Accuse me or my daughter or my husband of getting green ink on your merchandise. Because it was YOUR pen that leaked on my husband. And after he signed our papers, we left. Do you remember us running around and touching things one last time to contaminate them? Don't be ridiculous. Because you'll get called on it. And then we'll never take you seriously again.

Rush me. Because it's better to let me go and have me come back, than to force a sale and then, well, you know what happened.