Small World

My first Bloggity celebrity moment! We were out shopping for a mattress. Long story. First one was too soft. Customer experience was absolutely bananas. Sleeping nicely now on a Serta Vera Wang Ribbon bed.  

So we're just there, looking around. Emmy is like, "WTF, I'm a year and half old and I've spent half my life in a mattress store. A box of Sunmaid raisins can only occupy oneself for so long." We see another person peek into the store and we think, oh another customer.

But then he disappears and a few minutes later, a whole group comes in. Turns out, the first guy was a scout!

As the story was told to me later: he came in to take a closer look at Emmy and went back to report, "Yep. It's definitely them."

I'm virtually unrecognizable without my makeup and my nappy hair pulled back in a ponytail. The Good Doctor doesn't make it into the blog enough for anyone to remember his vanilla face, but little Emmy Pearl? She's the star of the show. Her pensive face was enough to make the positive ID.

This lovely family with their little teeny baby came in to say hi to us and meet Emmy, the "famous baby" as they called her. 

Of course The Good Doctor didn't mention that my hair looked like a bird's nest until after he snapped the photo and they left. Only the best for my readers!

Nice to meet you Stephen, Long Giao, Monalisa and of course little Giao Marie.