Doppelganger Baby

You know when you're younger, you have those friends that you want to be just like? For me it was Regina Quirk. Even her name was cool. Well, when you become a parent, you have kids that you want your kid to be just like. This is Emmy's Doppelganger. She's also a Vietnamese Marvin, and Emmy watched her every move. Suspiciously. But Doppelganger Baby was unfazed. Just perfect, polite, and even a cheerleader for Emmy. Every time Emmy would draw something on her little board, DB would go, "YAAAAAY for EEEEE-ma!"

We could all use that kind of support.

Hugs for EEEEEEE-ma!

My nominee for the next Gap baby. Can you believe she's half Vietnamese? We can only hope the blonde hair dilutes any future Dragon Lady tendencies.