Vietnamese Australian

Am I totally behind on this? I mean, the link came from my DAD of all people.

This girl, Natalie Tran, is just hilare. I mean, if only I were this smart and creative 10 years ago. She gets more than a million views on her videos. She's the most subscribed channel in Australia, according to the gospel Wikipedia.

She's been offered fame and fortune but apparently has turned it all down. Hello Natalie, send those inquiries over to your Vietnamesey friend in the States.

And the Australian accent and randomness? I love!

What I don't love so much: when I forwarded the link my DAD sent me, The Good Doctor was all, "Yeah, I've seen her videos."

DUDE? You see me over here? Running around and working and mothering and blogging? Hook a sister up when you find something funny. Especially funny and Vietnamesey. And you're the one nagging Emmy to share. Wonder where she gets it.