Cleaning Lady

Normally that would be me. Or Asian Grandma. Once in a great while, The Good Doctor. Emmy's young but she occasionally wipes down a table so we give her credit for that.

Growing up, I never ever had a cleaning person. My mom did everything. She worked, she cooked, she swept the floors every day, and she cleaned the house constantly. She is secretly 7 people rolled into one.

I, however, am only one person rolled into one. And while Asian Grandma still sweeps and cooks every day, I draw the line at having her sanitize our entire rental home. I mean, she can only fit so much into her five day workweek and damn it we are NOT paying overtime. Kidding. Don't call elder services on me.

So I finally called a cleaning company. Here's the thing. I have sort of always looked down on people who can't keep their homes in order without a cleaning lady. I mean, how did our parents do it? They just did. But everyone I know has a cleaning lady now. Even my out of work, single room apartment friends have a "gal that comes by twice a month." It's like no one can clean up after themselves anymore. And as annoying as the people in that category are, I'm joining their ranks.

It. Is. So. Worth. It.

Three ladies came over. They spent three hours at our house. It was $220 after tip. They did things I never would have done, including vacuuming a pattern of neat, alternating rows into the couch cushions. They de-greased the hood above the stove. I had no idea it needed that, but it did, badly. The outside and inside of the oven, toaster oven, and microwave--gleaming. All blinds and electronics dusted and doors washed. Plus the standards: floors mopped, bathrooms scrubbed, windows Windexed.

Sing it Andre 3000: So fresh and so clean clean.

I don't know why I resisted losing my cleaning lady virginity for so long. 

The only weird thing--when The Good Doctor asked the crew if they wanted to listen to music and they said sure, how about something "light." He proceeded to played the Gypsy Kings. If you've ever heard that music, it's very, shall I say, ethnic sounding. Nice work, Whitey. I just hope they weren't too offended to come back in a month for my next de-flowering.