Happy Halloween 2010

We only burst into tears once and by we I mean Emmy. She was an otherwise very cute "Scary Purple Spider."


She had a great time carrying her bucket and knocking on doors. Trick or treat is not part of her vocab, but she did offer up a couple of thank yous and always a polite wave bye bye. 

Scary Purple Spider's only meltdown moment happened when she was waiting patiently on the doorstep of one house, and suddenly PFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTT FFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. And a cloud of fog washed over her. Can you say FREAK OUT! She spun a 360, sputtered, blinked and WAAHHHHHHH! It was TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR. And it got worse. The lady's bowl of candy had a scary automated claw hand that kept clattering and going off. Just as we were getting Scary Purple Spider calm enough to reach in for a piece of candy, after the lady kindly turned off the bowl claw, PFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT. Round 2 of fog machine. Scary Purple Spider: TKO'd. So not worth the Whoppers.

The teary aftermath.

In all we had about 25 trick or treaters all night. So few we got to be the "cool house" on the block because we were giving out four fun size bars per kid! We do it big up in herrrrre.

Snapped this shot of Scary Purple Spider during happier times with some neighbor kids. Yes, you have to be at least one part Asian to live in our neighborhood.

But don't you dare say word one about the ninja's eyes. Or the storm trooper.

Overall a great night of trick or treating. Bonus: the Giants won Game 4!