Things Not to Say/Do in a TV Interview

"Like I said."


"As I said before."

Appear as though you need another double espresso to operate among the living.

Exude nervousness.

Repeat yourself repeatedly.

Speak in long run-on sentences. OTPS. One Thought Per Sentence. Keep it simple if you think you might veer off track. If you're good at bloviating and you look hot doing it, by all means.

Appear emotionless.

Think you're being overly energetic. TV adds 10 pounds. It takes away 90% of your perceived energy level.

Act controlled and non-spontaneous.

Continue your thought if you've clearly gotten off message. Just start over. We shoot on digital media. It's cheap. Exception: a live interview. If that's the case, keep going as if your life depended on it.

Not know what you're talking about.

Say "I don't have that information right now." It's now or never.

Make wisecracks. Sarcasm doesn't speed anything up.

Be vague. Specifics impress.

Act like you're too busy to talk, but then spend 10 minutes talking about why you're too busy to talk. We could've done the entire interview in that time.