Water Polo

The Good Doctor was thisclose to meeting a 19 year old coed from Cal Poly. Via her pre-surgical MOTHER.

Him: "Hello, I'm your anesthesiologist today. Here's what's going to happen blah blah mayhem and destruction blah blah blast out your lesions blah blah you're going to be in fine hands blah blah are you ready to rumble blah blah."

Overly enthusiastic mother/patient: "You sure look young!"

Him: "Well, I've had many years of training blah blah you'd rather see me than some old guy blah blah I know all the latest and greatest techniques blah blah."

Her: "I was going to tell my daughter about my cute doctor but then I noticed the wedding ring on your finger."

Him: (Raises eyebrows behind mask)

Her: "You would like her. She's plays water polo. Very tall. 5' 10." 

Me (at the gym where this story was later told to me): "Nuh UH! Her mother? Oh no she di'in't!"

Him: "Yep. Said her daughter was 19."

Me: "Did you tell her you have a shortstack wife who will bring the RAIN? (In my best female James Earl Jones voice) The RAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNN?!!!"

Him: "No."

Me: "No way. What on earth. For realz? Who says that to their DOCTOR? About their NINETEEN YEAR OLD? Does she not know you're old? Like 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 4 years of residency OLD?"

Him: "And that was before I even gave her any drugs."

Me: "Well, you should have told her you're not into water polo girls. That you like petite cheerleader girls. Who can bring the RAAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNN."

This lady better watch it.  High School Vicky is never too far away. And she will cutttt you.

We did get a good laugh out of picturing me playing water polo though.