Happy Hollow 2010

This is how I know I'm definitely a mom now. On a bone chilling Black Friday, I was not warming myself with the fires of a good fire sale, not cozying up to a giant lemonade and hot dog on a stick after a morning spent jostling other bargain hunters on the couch of retail therapy. I was up early, slicing grapes in half, pouring milk into a stainless steel sippy cup, and checking the remaining antibacterial wipes in the diaper bag. I also bundled Emmy into enough layers to qualify her as a live Babushka doll.

Some of The Good Doctor's colleagues suggested Emmy would really like Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, and then a lovely nurse there gave us two free passes, so the stars aligned and my lazy butt had no more excuses not to bring joy to my toddler. Because I'm mean like that.

The welcome is pretty grand. Beautiful metal animal sculptures perfect for riding and petting and saying "Ooooh!" which is one of Emmy's favorite expressions. You can spend a good 15 minutes just looking at the capybaras and turtles and mama pigs feeding 20 piglets.

It was also the first time Emmy went on a ride other than the carousel outside of Target by herself. No mommy squished in the seat next to her. All. By. Herself.

And after watching this video, I'm going have a nice long talk with myself about not being the most annoying mother on earth. How many times can you hear, "Emmy, ring the bell! Ring the belllll!!!" before looking away and praying the damn ride would start already.

In other news, the lemurs were totally awesome. This is how I want to spend most of my retirement. Minus the glass pen. Don't get me started on the jaguar in his tiny pen. WTF is a jaguar doing at Happy Hollow? Guinea pigs and ducks, great. Jaguars???? 

Aside from all those question marks, a very good time at the park. Emmy did not love the goats or petting the goats or brushing the goats. Too bad because this was the coolest little goat. A total licker and super sweet. He wasn't nosing up on us for food pellets, just lick lick lick. I want this goat for Christmas. I can just picture Romeo and Tofu "welcoming" him to the household now. Cut to scene of goat head-butting two barking dogs into the bushes.

It's all fun and games until someone bites The Good Doctor's nice jacket. Dude. I have the BEST video of the entire incident unfolding but I've been banned from posting it here. I expect my Wife of the Year trophy to arrive shortly.