Ann Curry 'N Me

Has a nice ring, doesn't it? This turned up when I was going through old photos to find the Halloween pic of me and The Good Doctor. 

I met Ann Curry in '99 in Chicago, at an Asian American Journalists convention. It was the summer between my junior and senior years in college. Long after the trick or treating incident. 

Super nice. Warm, friendly, genuine. I can't tell you how many on-air people I've met in this business, locally and nationally Soledad O'Brien, who totally changed my perception of them. Not for the better. It's so disappointing to meet someone you've admired from afar, or that you grew up watching "on the news" and find out they're a total douche-whore. Either they're a stone cold talentless biatch or an arrogant dinosaur with a ridiculous temper who yells at people in front of other people and then spends 30 minutes apologizing. It's TV, not neurosurgery. Anchorman FAIL. Or they're just evil. I've met all kinds.

Thankfully, Ann Curry did not disappoint. Just what you'd think she'd be. She offered advice, encouragement, well-wishes. I mean, we didn't bump chests and get BFF tramp stamps but in the short time I chatted with her, college student to national news woman, it was a really nice moment. I mean, look at her hand in the picture. Steady grip, big smile, super cool woman. 

 What a relief. I would never want to call Ann Curry a douche-whore.