The Good Doctor, after a long, long day at work:

"It's crazy how so many people call it an epidermal."

Me: "What?" (Because I was sleepy and just barely listening to the other stories about his work day)

TGD: (continuing his thought) "I mean, I'd say at least 25% of patients think it's called an epidermal. 'Well, doc, let's talk about this epidermal.' 'I have a few questions about the epidermal.' 'I had a friend who got real sick after his epidermal.'"

Me: (Cackling from atop my high grammar horse) "Seriously? People call them epidermals?! What do you tell them? Do you correct them?"

TGD: "Hell no! I don't say anything. It's not my place to tell them how to say it."

Me: "So do you call it an epidermal too then?"

TGD: "Don't be ridiculous. I am a professional. I call it an epidural."

Me: "Do they start calling it that too after they hear you say it?"

TGD: "Never. It's ingrained in their minds. Like when people say pitcher, instead of picture, or liberry instead of library. I think it's because people learn the word epidermis and they think it has to do with that."

Me: "I think I'm not gonna have an epidermal for my next baby."

TGD: "Let me know how that works out."